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Web Engineered Services and Technology Limited , T/A Service ON - is registered limited company in England and Wales (Company Number:07483259) incorporated in January 2011. Our business is built on passion for technology, trust, relationship and honesty.


Our Ventures:


With decade of experience we are constantly on a process to gain market knowledge and expand our service. 



Welcome to our group website. We are a group of technology solution provider based in Stratford East London with a specialization on Cloud technology , Internet security, Ecommerce , Order Processing System, Mobile Apps & Data Analytics. We help businesses to adopt online technology by incorporating our technology skills with the power of Social Network & Search Engines to give businesses an instant boost. 

No matter what types of industry you are in, our service can brilliantly deliver your business strategy to execution. With decade of experience; we guarantee our experience, expertise and business knowledge will work well for you. We look forward to welcome you on board and keen to know how we can work together to grow your business.


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Ecommerce Web Development

Ecommerce Web Development:

Our Ecommerce service is the most exciting service we have for your business. It is built on best of the breed of Open Source Technology.

We have developed our ecommerce solution using various Libraries and Components available and engineered them to match with your best business performance.

With Our ecommerce you can do the followings:

Analytical Manager Dashboard:

You will have access to your manager console loaded with various analytical features displaying your daily, weekly; monthly and yearly sales performance as well as you can view one click reports.

Hit Analytics:

No need for you to check other analytics, our in built analytics feature let you analyse your website traffic from your administrative control panel.You will be able to analyse your website traffics using language, locations, search keyword, referrals etc


Ecommerce Analytics:

Analyse Ecommerce Orders, Product Page views, Cart Analysis  Conversion Rate, Revenue, Products, Abandoned Checkout more easily.


Comprehensive Store Control:

You are in control. You can add new payments type, view registered customers, orders, stock control, add new categories, add new items, generate sales coupon, declare sales discount for any particular category or items.

Offline Order Processing:

You can register a customer from your control panel, take orders, process payments, generate invoices and send payment receipt via emails.


Stock Control:

Fantastic stock control system monitors low stock and send you notification mail. This functionality also provides various stock control reports.

Intelligent Email System:

Equipped with in built email system which will send automatic welcome email when customers signs up, send notification with order status, follow up emails when customer made their purchase.

Marketing and Promotion:

Built in Email Promotion module will allow to perform bulk emails broadcasting from your manager console panel in few single clicks.

Social Network friendly Products:

The entire ecommerce system is SEO friendly thus your website will be listed quickly on search engines and your products can be easily shared on social network such as Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

Inbuilt Support System:

Experiencing any technical problem and need help? Just submit a support ticket and check their status, check similar problems and solutions, learn from knowledgebase. All you can do from your dashboard.

Many More Excitement:

We have hundreds of many other product features can make your online business filled with excitement.

Please give us a call or submit a contact request and we will get back to you soon we can.

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Welcome to our group website. We are a group of technology solution provider based in Stratford East London with a specialization on Cloud technology , Internet security, Ecommerce , Order Processing System, Mobile Apps & Data Analytics. We help businesses to adopt online technology by incorporating our technology skills with the power of Social Network & Search Engines to give businesses an instant boost. 

No matter what types of industry you are in, our service can brilliantly deliver your business strategy to execution. With decade of experience; we guarantee our experience, expertise and business knowledge will work well for you. We look forward to welcome you on board and keen to know how we can work together to grow your business.


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Managed Enterprise Cloud Web Hosting

Managed Enterprise Cloud Web Hosting: (Private Cloud)

Everyone is now talking about "Cloud". What is Cloud? Cloud is a network of remote servers connected through high speed internet to store, manage and process data. It is the latest form of distributed computing.  Old days companies used to host their own server by ensuring physical security, power backup, internet connection etc is now obsolete due to its huge cost and less flexibility. 

Cloud web hosting is not just a technology rather it is a proven business model for your business with maximum up-time with information security assurance.  

How we can help?

With decade of experience managing range of Linux server we can minimize your infrastructure cost by choosing the best possible location of server, customizing the infrastructure with mix and match, asses your site security to prepare your own security policy to assure maximum protection. We will also make sure your system is up and running 24/7.

Shared VS Private Cloud:

Most of our small business clients wondering –if they can have unlimited space and bandwidth offer from service provider like Godaddy, 1nad1, Heartinternet, Host Gator for a fraction of cost –why they should consider having a private cloud?

First of all –let’s explain why we call them shared? –Shared because you are sharing computing resources with other customers. 

Large service provider like Godaddy or Heartinternet maintain a pool of internet connected servers and provide web access. These infrastructures are designed to share among millions of their customers.  

Using a shared hosting has many benefits mainly lowering cost however it has some limitation when you have an ecommerce website and you have to comply with PCI Standard.

What are the limitations?

•DDOS Attack Prevention is impossible 

•Attack Detection 

•Loss prevention

•Custom Security policy implementation

•Limited Database size

•Limited Hardware Resource such as RAM, Processors etc.

Benefit of using our service?

We are independent provider – thus you are not completely tied up with infrastructure provider and pay extra several thousands.

We will lower your cost: We will provide at least 40% lower service charge then our competitors

Need Analysis: We will review your requirements and then provide you the best possible combination of resource for maximum performance.

Customization: We are happy to provide resource customization based on your resource need.

Technical Competence:

Server Platform: Linux Red Hat, Linux Debian, Linux Ubuntu

Web Service: Apache

Database: MySQL, ORACLE, SQL Server




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CMS Customization London

CMS Customization Service:

Content Management System(CMS) – an easy to use Database driven application that will give you total control over your own website.

We have expertise customizing most of the famous open source Content Management System including Joomla, Wordpress & Drupal.

We can develop your site by customizing any of the Open Source CMS available as per your business need.The CMS administrative control panel will benefit you with an easy to use panel which can be utilized to publish images, update text, prices, hours of operation, ecommerce store etc. More over you don’t need any HTML programming knowledge !

Our CMS Customization service will begin with our expert consultant review to identify level of customization require to meet your demand.

We will review your unique requirements and deliver a solution that matches your needs.

Our custom solutions have ranged from a basic web content management system to enterprise level which required workflow management and ACL implementation.

Customization service are available for below CMS :


If you require any CMS that is not listed here then please feel free to contact us. We are sure to help you with your customization project -no matter how complex the problem is.



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Mobile Website Design

Mobile Web Site Development Service:

Smart Phone –is the growing trends on internet now. To facilitate smart phone users companies either provide a dedicated Mobile Apps or an alternate cheaper option of Mobile Version of your website. Mobile version of website often referred as Responsive Web site –which a small software will detect user device and respond with appropriate version of the website for that specific device.



SERVICE ON is made up of professional and experienced people specialized in responsive web design, web development, CMS customization, eCommerce and software solution.

Since 2004, we've grown from a tiny service provider to a full scale Web Company with a range of web services for our individuals, industries and companies.

We have highly professional and skilled designers and developers to handle all kinds of project needs. After ten years and hundreds of projects, we are proud of our reputation. We are committed to line up your project with your company's goal, objective and success.


Creating websites is just part of our job, we discuss an extra mile to move you forward in deploying a brand strategy, reorganizing your online existence and help you to dominate your business area.

We always make an extra effort to design brilliant website for your business! Our skilled personnel always analyze all the changes that occur over the internet and hence we can give clear suggestions to our clients based on their business strategies and geographic locations.

If you want to discuss a responsive website for your company - we will be glad to discuss your requirement. We promise you to be your most favorite web design service provider from East London. The process of working with us is simple from beginning to conclusion with no confusing technical language, our skilled designers and developers are cordial enough to understand about business and how to present your business model to your online success.




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CMS Plugins Development

CMS Extension/Plugins Development:

WordPress and Joomla –are two most famous open source content management systems. It has a lot of useful features and the architecture of these systems are developer friendly and quickly become very famous among web community.

Due to growing demand of these CMS –we are now offering full WordPress Plugin and Joomla Extension development service for Professional and business community.

These plugins allows easy customization and enhancement to the default CMS instead of changing the core coding.



If you are using WordPress/Joomla/Drupal/Magento for your web projects and unable to find any specific solution in plugin directory then we can help. We are offering full plugin design and development services for these CMS system.

If you require custom plugins for your project then look no further- we have implemented hundreds of custom plugins and some of our commercial plugins are very popular among WordPress/ Joomla community.

We guarantee that our professional and skilled Developer will provide you all of your plugin requirements on time and within budget.

However we would like to mention our favourite CMS is Joomla which is also very stready and scalable with flexibility to achieve the best of custom extensions experience.




 WordPress custom plugin Development

 WordPress theme Design and Development

 WordPress Responsive theme Design and Development

 Joomla component Development

Joomla module Development

 Joomla plugin Development

Joomla theme Design and Development

Joomla Responsive theme Design and Development

Drupal theme Design and Development

Drupal Responsive theme Design and Development

Magento theme Design and Development

Magento Responsive theme Design and Development



So , If you have any of custom plugin development requirements then please do drop us a line or call us .We will be glad to discuss your requirement and help you to gain satisfaction.

Please feel free contact us for a free consultation by sending us an email, we will right back to you within shortest possible time.




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Corporate Web Design

Web Design and Development Services:

For last one decade we have been delivering dynamic, beautiful, standards compliant web sites. Our web design solutions are affordable designed to help businesses get results from web searches. We deliver a full range of web solutions that focus on our client's objectives of increasing traffic and revenue generation. Our offerings include all of the traditional aspects of web design and web development with the emphasis always on helping the clients achieve search engine ranking (SEO), Online Marketing and lead generation.

We don’t believe in the cookie-cutter approach: every project is unique, and although we do all we can to systematise the process, we apply thought, experience and creativity to meeting the individual business demands and dynamics of each project.

We work with clients of all sizes and statures, but what they all have in common in an understanding of the importance of online presence and what it can achieve for their business.

We take on projects where we know we can make a difference, where the client has a clear strategy and defined success criteria – giving us a clear target to work towards.

All of our projects have achieved or surpassed their objectives. That’s a bold assertion, but we’ve earned the right to make through hard work and a results-oriented ethic.


Our Web Design & Build services include:

•Content Strategy



•Information Architecture

•Corporate Websites


•User Experience Design

•Brand Marketing & Destination Microsites


•Responsive Web Design



•Interface Design


•Lead Generation


So if you have a website that isn’t growing fast, get in touch and get us on board!



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API Integration

Application Programming Interface (API) defines how software component communicate with each other from outside their boundary environment.

API has many forms but our area of service on WEB API transformed the way independent systems can operate together.

What is WEB API ?

WEB API is typically defined as a set of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) request messages, along with a definition of the structure of response messages, which is usually in an Extensible Markup Language (XML) or JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) format.

The recent trend (Web 2.0) shifting the API services towards service-oriented architecture (SOA) a more direct representational state transfer (REST) style web resources and resource-oriented architecture (ROA. Part of this trend is related to the Semantic Web movement toward Resource Description Framework (RDF), a concept to promote web-based ontology engineering technologies. Web APIs allow the combination of multiple APIs into new applications known as Mashups.













 Our API Integration and Development Service:

We are happy to provide our API integration service as well as Development service for your businesses for Websites and Mobile Apps. We have implemented various Telecom, Various bank payment system API includes Barclays ePDQ, Worldpay, HSBC,Paypal, SagePay, as well as email to FAX transmission API, Newsletter broadcasting API, Database API from various data provider, Travel Services such as Expedia, Amadeus & Social Network APIs such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

Integration of API’s can empower your website with wide and varied data, and services provided by most big web services.

However if you are in need of various system integration and require a custom Web API development then please let us provide you our Free no obligation consultancy report.

Benefit of using API integration for your website:

For websites you might be looking to integrate data and services from another data source. For example, a real-time weather feed for a travel site, product listings and reviews on e-commerce or review sites.

All of these can add value to YOUR site for YOUR customers improving engagement and sales conversions.

Please contact us If you are looking for API integration or API development service for your business. 

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Custom Web Application Development Service:

The Web is the fastest man made network on the planet and expanding more than 400% growth rate. It is also the most programmable environment can be utilized for customization through deployment of large and diverse range of applications.

Since 1999 our application developers are developing business applications by initially started with ORACLE with Developer 2000 reports and forms with Java. However most of these applications were running on standalone computers. However due to availability, cost and client demand we shifted our main database as MySQL and adopted LAMP (Linux Apache, MySql, PHP) as the main application development platform. 

For last one decade we observed the shifting of database applications to runs entirely on web from standalone computers with limited remote connectivity. Due to the higher demand of availability, flexibility and accessibility today Web Applications are a fantastic medium of doing business, marketing or maintaining business operations.  

Web applications are more beneficial for business as they utilize the flexibility to implement your business process, policy, rules and nature to provide customized and interactive technologies; they deliver more advance and more defined user experience than a traditional websites.

These modern web applications are accessed by users to submit and retrieve data from databases over internet browser irrespective their operating system or device they are accessing from.

We are offering our custom web application development service by delivering:

 -> Highly functional, scalable web application that meet your business requirements and expectations

 -> Full control and transparency of the development process backed by our Agile Scrum project development process and seamless communications.

 -> Mature and integrated Quality Assurance practice through entire development life cycle.

 -> Deployment, Implementation, Training and ongoing support  and maintenance for delivered projects. 

Our Web Application Expertise:

We have strong expertise LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) platform with option to use MS SQL Server or ORACLE as your main database.

Project Management:

We follow Agile Scrum Development methodology.Scrum is an agile method for project management.Its goal is to dramatically improve productivity in teams previously paralyzed by heavier, process-laden methodologies. 

Scrum is an iterative and incremental agile software development framework for managing software projects and product or application development. It defines "a flexible, holistic product development strategy where a development team works as a unit to reach a common goal." It challenges assumptions of the "traditional, sequential approach" to product development. Scrum enables teams to self-organize by encouraging physical co-location or close online collaboration of all team members and daily face to face communication among all team members and disciplines in the project. 

If you are looking for a service provider who can deliver a Web application project then please provide us your project details and a specialist consultant will provide a Free no obligation consultation report for your review.



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Data Anlaytics

Business Intelligence:

We help turn your enterprise data asset into insight. We offer expert, yet cost effective, data analysis that will help you discover hidden trends in your business and gain competitive advantage in the industry. Our mission is to help you achieve and gain insight into the effectiveness of business strategies through planning, data discovery, measurement and governance. After all, what is the point in holding vast volumes of your business’ data if it can’t offer you the necessary information you need in order to make those strategic business decisions that would unravel new growth or cut down unnecessary costs?  

Services we offer include:

Data Warehousing implementation

Data Mining

Business Analytics



By mastering big data, companies can stop wasting time on useless initiatives and pitches that go nowhere - and increase margins by a whopping 60 per cent.

Data is now business' biggest resource. Business data is relied upon for all aspects of operations, analysis, decision-making, reporting and planning.

We are a small team of Data Analyst in East London offering a full range of Data analytic service for your business. Each of us have MSc level education in Data Science/ Data Mining/ Operational Research with average 5 years professional experience.

We understand exactly how data can be utilize to drive more sales, improve performance and management. We use a range of analytical tools and technologies to deal with industry specific data issues.

Our Service includes data quality assurance for reliable information to diagnostic analysis (e.g financial data) and value added analysis (e.g predicting market response), in areas relating to customers, employee, finance and risk.

Data Analytics is an integral part of our technical capabilities, and our strategy enables individuals to work with our specialists in different areas across the business. Probably we are the only small business service provider has such operational research wing can deliver your jobs with guaranteed lower price.




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Native Mobile APP Development London

Native Mobile APP Development Service:

UK and Global –mobile internet usage is growing at explosive rate. Adoption of smart phone, and faster internet connectivity surging the internet usage and currently UK most active internet user group use Mobile to access internet.



At Service On we have expertise in all major mobile and tablet platforms along with our Mobile Web Design (Responsive) including Native APP development on IPhone, Android, Blackberry & Windows phone.

Whether a global company or a start up with the next big idea, we can transform your idea into reality with most competitive pricing on the market.

Why our APP development service is different than others ?

Buy 1 Get 1 Free!!

Yes Order 1 Android APP or IOS APP and get another platform for Free! You can choose from any of the below mobile platform as:

  • ·         IOS (Apple IPHONE)
  • ·         Android (SAMSUNG, SONY, HTC etc)
  • ·         Blackberry OS
  • ·         Windows Phone (Latest Nokia etc)



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Payment Solution


We offer fast and reliable card terminals to fit your business. Whether you’re at the register, on your store floor or on the move visiting customers, we are a Worldpay small business partner makes it simple to take card payments.

·         Countertop card terminals:

Countertop card terminals are widely used. Speed and reliability make them a great choice for taking payments at the register.

·         Mobile Payment:

Do you travel to customers? Turn your mobile device into a payment terminal with our card reader and app.

·         Wireless card terminals:

Wireless card terminals allow you to accept card payments throughout your store for customer convenience.

Virtual Terminal:

Taking card payments in person or over the phone is quick and easy with our Virtual Terminal. All you need is an internet connection and secure web browser to log in.

  • ·         Take payments in person or over the phone
  • ·         Use your existing computer or tablet
  • ·         Quick and easy to access
  • ·         No technical setup required
  • ·         Real-time reporting to keep track of payments

Website Payment Solution: (Shopping cart, Payment Gateaway)

  • Turn browsing into buying
  • Take payments over the phone
  • Accept eCommerce payments
  • Automate payment plans

Our online payment solutions make it easy for you to accept payments online, over the phone, in person or on the go.



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