How Small Business getting business from Search Engines?

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on Feb 10 in Search Engine Optimization

People search for a wide variety of purposes with some of the most popular being to research, locate and buy products.Most importantly search results and offline sales behavior have a heavy degree of interaction, and increasingly Search results playing a growing role in driving offline sales.

Online Search has become integrated with our online life styles. Search Engines like Google, Baidu, Yahoo, Bing enables us to obtain information in seconds.

Google the search giant currently controls 65% of Search Market handles 2900 Search per seconds.

According to a yahoo study from 2007 showed the following:

• Online advertising drives $6 offline (in stores) for every $1 spent online.

• Search marketing has a greater impact on in-store sales lift than display advertising, at least three times greater!!

We also learned from various reports that:

• 74% of respondents used search engines to find local business information versus 65% who turned to print Yellow Pages, 50% who used Internet Yellow Pages, and 44% who used traditional newspapers.

• 86% surveyed said they have used the Internet to find a local business, a rise from the 70% figure reported the year before.

• 80% reported researching a product or service online, then making that purchase offline from a local business.

The UK is the Europe’s leading e-retail economy with sales estimated to have reached £68.2bn in the year 2011.

Current Online Sales Growth rate is approximately 10% in the UK and presumably search results dramatically influencing offline sales.

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