Custom Web Application Development Service:

The Web is the fastest man made network on the planet and expanding more than 400% growth rate. It is also the most programmable environment can be utilized for customization through deployment of large and diverse range of applications.

Since 1999 our application developers are developing business applications by initially started with ORACLE with Developer 2000 reports and forms with Java. However most of these applications were running on standalone computers. However due to availability, cost and client demand we shifted our main database as MySQL and adopted LAMP (Linux Apache, MySql, PHP) as the main application development platform. 

For last one decade we observed the shifting of database applications to runs entirely on web from standalone computers with limited remote connectivity. Due to the higher demand of availability, flexibility and accessibility today Web Applications are a fantastic medium of doing business, marketing or maintaining business operations.  

Web applications are more beneficial for business as they utilize the flexibility to implement your business process, policy, rules and nature to provide customized and interactive technologies; they deliver more advance and more defined user experience than a traditional websites.

These modern web applications are accessed by users to submit and retrieve data from databases over internet browser irrespective their operating system or device they are accessing from.

We are offering our custom web application development service by delivering:

 -> Highly functional, scalable web application that meet your business requirements and expectations

 -> Full control and transparency of the development process backed by our Agile Scrum project development process and seamless communications.

 -> Mature and integrated Quality Assurance practice through entire development life cycle.

 -> Deployment, Implementation, Training and ongoing support  and maintenance for delivered projects. 

Our Web Application Expertise:

We have strong expertise LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) platform with option to use MS SQL Server or ORACLE as your main database.

Project Management:

We follow Agile Scrum Development methodology.Scrum is an agile method for project management.Its goal is to dramatically improve productivity in teams previously paralyzed by heavier, process-laden methodologies. 

Scrum is an iterative and incremental agile software development framework for managing software projects and product or application development. It defines "a flexible, holistic product development strategy where a development team works as a unit to reach a common goal." It challenges assumptions of the "traditional, sequential approach" to product development. Scrum enables teams to self-organize by encouraging physical co-location or close online collaboration of all team members and daily face to face communication among all team members and disciplines in the project. 

If you are looking for a service provider who can deliver a Web application project then please provide us your project details and a specialist consultant will provide a Free no obligation consultation report for your review.