Data Anlaytics

Business Intelligence:

We help turn your enterprise data asset into insight. We offer expert, yet cost effective, data analysis that will help you discover hidden trends in your business and gain competitive advantage in the industry. Our mission is to help you achieve and gain insight into the effectiveness of business strategies through planning, data discovery, measurement and governance. After all, what is the point in holding vast volumes of your business’ data if it can’t offer you the necessary information you need in order to make those strategic business decisions that would unravel new growth or cut down unnecessary costs?  

Services we offer include:

Data Warehousing implementation

Data Mining

Business Analytics



By mastering big data, companies can stop wasting time on useless initiatives and pitches that go nowhere - and increase margins by a whopping 60 per cent.

Data is now business' biggest resource. Business data is relied upon for all aspects of operations, analysis, decision-making, reporting and planning.

We are a small team of Data Analyst in East London offering a full range of Data analytic service for your business. Each of us have MSc level education in Data Science/ Data Mining/ Operational Research with average 5 years professional experience.

We understand exactly how data can be utilize to drive more sales, improve performance and management. We use a range of analytical tools and technologies to deal with industry specific data issues.

Our Service includes data quality assurance for reliable information to diagnostic analysis (e.g financial data) and value added analysis (e.g predicting market response), in areas relating to customers, employee, finance and risk.

Data Analytics is an integral part of our technical capabilities, and our strategy enables individuals to work with our specialists in different areas across the business. Probably we are the only small business service provider has such operational research wing can deliver your jobs with guaranteed lower price.