Best Website Transition Examples

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According to Awwwards, a transition on a website is an “animated change between two pages, states, or views.” Sites use transitions to improve user experience and provide continuity between pages, similar to how PowerPoint uses transitions to change from one slide to the next seamlessly.
When a user’s experience is disrupted, the likelihood of them leaving rises. The possibility of losing a viewer goes up when the user is to wait for new stuff to appear on the screen or stare at a blank page while new material comes on screen.
When users are forced to wait too long or cannot find the information they seek, bounceback rates and users leaving websites are directly related to poor transitions. To avoid these losses, a brand’s website must employ the solutions required to provide quick page changes.
When a user clicks a link to go to another part of the site, they should be moved to the new page as soon as possible, preferably in less than a second. Although the user only sees the page change, there is a lot more going on behind the scenes of a website that web development companies must consider to have smooth transitions.
There are so many great transition examples on the web that we’ve chosen a few of our favorites to show you today. And, hey, if you’re looking for something similar for your website, go here. We’ve got you covered!


  1. Vibrant Transition
    Creddy is a fantastic brand and website for a home equity loan company. Their brand is well-designed and user-friendly, with bright colors and illustrations. Because color is such an essential part of the brand’s identity, it was only natural that their transitions include a splash of color.
    With a quick visual color swipe across the screen, this makes excellent use of existing brand elements and subtly conveys that the brand is fast. This transition packs an extra punch because Creddy is known for its quick service and quick loans.
  2. Split-based Transition
    This Xavier Cussó, a personal portfolio website is stunning and highly self-reflective, right down to the tab title, which changes to “B*tch, please!” when you switch to another tab.
    This constant split transition plays on the site’s home page, showcasing the designer’s work in a seamless, visually pleasing transition that we could watch all day.
  3. Transition in design
    It’s only natural for a website dedicated to a design documentary to have stunning visual effects. Each menu option has a unique transition, and each one is superior to the previous. It makes us want to watch Design Canada even more!
    For the best transition ideas, web design and other services, contact us.