5 Examples of Beautiful Manufacturing Websites

Prior to the internet’s widespread adoption, industrial and manufacturing companies focused their marketing efforts primarily on traditional sales strategies such as conferences, trade shows, and advertisements in trade publications. Websites were, at best, an afterthought, with many manufacturers viewing them as merely proof of the company’s existence. Fortunately, most of today’s manufacturing companies recognize websites’ […]

Why Business Websites Matter More than Ever in 2021

Over the last year, many lessons have been thrown at business owners. The Covid-19 pandemic has dramatically changed our perceptions of a wide range of topics, from marketing to travel and beyond. You can bet that we’ll be studying this economic era for years to come, with dozens of books, movies, and courses examining the […]

5 Color Schemes for Your Website Redesign

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Web Design Trends in 2021

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Best Website Transition Examples

According to Awwwards, a transition on a website is an “animated change between two pages, states, or views.” Sites use transitions to improve user experience and provide continuity between pages, similar to how PowerPoint uses transitions to change from one slide to the next seamlessly.When a user’s experience is disrupted, the likelihood of them leaving […]

What Is The Difference Between Prototypes and Wireframes?

The terms wireframe and prototype are frequently confused by people (including designers). Do they understand that they are both involved in the design process, but aren’t they similar in terms of form and function? Isn’t it true that they’re interchangeable? Aren’t they the same thing?No, not at all. Wireframes and prototypes play different roles in […]