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Food preparation requires time and energy and is an important part of any kitchen. Not only do you have to make sure the right ingredients are prepared, you also need to know which to use first.

Choc Groups Digital Health Mobile App

Health data around cancer support groups reveals the impact that social support can have on patients and families. I worked with the CHOC innovations group to design and develop a prototype that could be used to test the benefit to families within the hospital ecosystem.


The development of the mobile app received multiple innovation grants and is currently undergoing further evaluation and testing with specific user groups within the hospital ecosystem. Users continue to praise the app as a place that seamlessly connects them with other families and health coaches that help them to get healthy once they leave the hospital.

  • Client / Company:

    Safe Syntax

  • Location :

    104 Haji Ismail Road, Khulna 9100

  • Technologies :

    Adobe Photoshop, Health Policy, Messaging, Cognitive, Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Newsfeeds

  • Completed :

    25 Feb 2021

  • Website :