Web App

Web App

Working with Pet Plate over 5 years, from initial idea to now a company with a total investment fund of $13 million dollars

I was the designer and front-end developer for the initial Pet Plate website in 2015 and worked closely with the company as it grew over a period of 5 years, eventually becoming Lead Front-end Developer. By early 2020, Pet Plate had successfully raised a total investment fund of $13 million dollars.


  • AngularJS
  • Semantic HTML
  • Responsive CSS
  • Sass
  • Social Sharing APIs
  • Browser Testing

Pet Plate launched in August 2015, delivering on-demand freshly cooked meals for pets. I was involved with Pet Plate during its conception, providing design and responsive front-end templates that I integrated into a Ruby on Rails framework. I eventually became the Lead Front-end Developer, coordinating with the back-end development and design teams to produce a strong user experience.

My main areas of focus were in producing the conversion flow in React, the My Account pages in jQuery (and later moving to React), and the marketing pages in WordPress.

Creating the Conversion Flow

The conversion flow is where the user gives information about their pet, receive a recommended food plan, be given a choice of meals, and finally complete their subscription by checking out. This was obviously a hugely important part of the website.

  • Client / Company:

    Safe Syntax

  • Location :

    104 Haji Ismail Road, Khulna 9100

  • Completed :

    25 Feb 2021

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