Refund Policy

Refund Policy

1. Data we store:

We store your order history, some parts of your memorable date without year, your name, address, post code and email address.

2. Do we share data?

We do not share data with any other third party or companies for marketing purposes.

3. What types of Credit/Debit Card I can use?

We use Worldpay/Paypal/Stripe Payment service -accept all major credit & debit card including Master, Visa, Solo etc

4. When I can get refund for order?

If you cancel your order within any of our partner website then please check those website for acceptable duration of cancellation request. Usually for food orders through our apps the duration is 10 mins of placing your order than we will be able to cancel and refund your orders. In other cases if there is any problem on our service and if you are not happy than we will refund your payment.

5. When we will contact you?

We simply contact you only when we receive your orders, update you with order status, If order was cancelled or any problem with your payments. Also we will be in touch in your special designated dates via email or text to inform you about any offer matched with current date or future date.