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If any application software runs on a web server, that is called a web application. It is not like the software that you run on the operating system. You can access a web application through any web browser. And yes, we develop it for you.

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Design tools we love

  • Sencha

  • Firebase

  • MAU

  • Sketch

  • Nativescript

  • Onsen Ui

  • Figma

  • React

  • Node JS

  • Yii


  • Angular JS

  • Codeigniter

  • Java

How we do it

Launching a web app requires a series of work. From analysis to merging code to launch, we are always awake. We create, and so we love to see our creativity flourish.

Analysis of requirements

Yes, before we do anything, we must have a solid understanding of what is required. Then we measure the value of available resources we have. We also measure the possible output and what needs to be done to achieve the exact result you need.

Planning a project

A bright idea can end in smoke if there is no proper plan. We sit down and pay attention to developing a plan that would work. We try every other way to set the final layout to which we would be sticking all the way through.

Selecting the right tool

Every man is different, so is every business. Each has a different philosophy behind it. Understanding this is the key to winning this phase. We take a helicopter-view and a micro-level observation only to understand what your business and dream are going to need. What tools would be required for the right output.

Asking and looking for flaws

Yes, that is very true. We have the system on trial and find out the error. It is, as we call, Test-Driven-Development, in short TDD. Once we are done with this phase, automatic and manual testing begins with the user story. We give a very close look at it and rely on the feedback team.

Merging code, giving life

We are almost done! We input the core coding into the central part of the system-the main branch. There is always a fail-safe point allowing us to roll the system back whenever needed. We combine Gitflow with CI and CD tools. This will enable us to integrate infinitely.

Ultimate check

Our team is entirely into it before setting it free, testing its compatibility, looking for other flaws. The system we design for you must run on every device, browser, and OS. This is when we expect to see the nightmare- the bug. We follow a sophisticated way to detect and fix it.

Launchpad ready

The final countdown starts. We check your server if it is secured, then initiate optimization if necessary. If everything is okay, we go live for the very first time. This is unlike any other phases we have gone through. So, there might be some unexpected things we may experience. And this is good. We find the odd; we take care of them before you put your hand on this. It must obey your rulebook, and we make sure it.

Readying for launch

Before saying goodbye, we run a final test. For the last time, we closely monitor how it goes. How it performs, responds, and gives the result you are looking for. We measure the distance between the initial plan and the output. The less, the better. But we love to see the plan and the result on the same track.

Why choose us?

We love what we do. Apart from this, the following feats make us stand apart from others.

Unless we do it, we are doomed. Every move we make, we do it by technology, the right technology. So, we provide you service that comes with top-notch technology.

No program smoothly runs unless it is appropriately treated. There are errors, incorrect codes, and such things, but we take care of them by putting them into innumerable tests.

Our work is not based on our skill; it is based on what you are going to face. We are very much YOU-oriented. It makes us go beyond our limit to meet your requirements.

Yes, we do. We do it very well. We understand the importance of seamless communication. So we work as if we are working sitting next to you.

Working for you is not a one-time shot, so we would love to see you come to us again. And for this to happen, our services come with a reasonable price tag.

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